Convenient, fun, sustainable rides connecting people and communities

av technology

Autonomous shuttles,
technology, and apps

Designed, built, and delivered for communities.

Our Technology
Seaport, Boston, MA

mobility services

mobility solution

Fully built, managed, and operated from fleet to street.

Our Solution

Community-friendly autonomous shuttles and rides, built for all, by a team of Optimists.

One solution

One partner, one cohesive experience, delivered as one end-to-end solution.

Built for riders

Convenient, fun, affordable rides – available when and where needed – optimized for the rider’s experience.

Bridging the gap

Introducing AV technology to riders, without sacrificing routes or missing connections.

Maximizing impact

All-electric, all-shared, low-speed shuttles operating in high-impact environments.

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Trends & Insights
The Key to a Sustainable Future: Electric, Shared, Autonomous Shuttle Rides

Delivering autonomous, electric, and shared rides in localized communities offers the fastest, most convenient, and affordable path to increasing widespread adoption of AV technology and reducing our carbon footprint.

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News & Events
Optimus Ride and Partners Awarded $4.3M by DOE for Large AV Fleet and Research

Optimus Ride, Clemson University, UC Berkeley, and Argonne National Labs selected for a $4.3 million DOE project to deploy one of the largest autonomous fleets in the US and conduct critical AV research

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News & Events
Introducing Optimus Ride’s Advisory Board

Bringing together a powerhouse team of mobility, public transit, and real estate development leaders.

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