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February 17, 2021
Washington, DC

Optimus Ride Launches Electric Mobility Service in DC at Brookfield Properties’ The Yards

On-demand vehicle scheduling experience to connect tenants and residents to Capitol Hill and Barrack’s Row.

Optimus Ride, a leading autonomous mobility service provider, today announced its newest service deployment at premiere Washington, D.C. waterfront development TheYards; its second deployment for global real estate company Brookfield Properties. With this new service,Optimus Ride launched its flagship app - Opti Ride - to make hailing an Optimus Ride autonomous vehicle easier than ever. The on-demand service gives passengers access to the autonomous-enabled electric fleet to schedule rides at their convenience to seven stops across The Yards and to external locations at Capitol Hill and Barrack’s Row through the app.

Optimus Ride combines cutting-edge computer vision, sensing technologies, and deep learning algorithms to deliver safe and convenient autonomous mobility services ideal for communities, campuses and mixed use developments. Partners benefit from cost-savings and energy efficiency with the service, where a decrease in personal vehicles at a site like The Yards reduces the need for expensive parking infrastructure; in addition, energy usage and the carbon footprint are minimized with Optimus Ride’s use of electric vehicles. Now, the Opti Ride app further enhances the passenger experience with convenient and flexible ride scheduling and reservation. The Yards is the first site with the Opti Ride app available for use, and Optimus Ride will consider rollout at other sites in the future.

The passenger mobility service is being rolled out in phases at The Yards, with a group of residents and tenants invited to download the Opti Ride App and join a waitlist to use the service; once verified, passengers are given access to begin scheduling rides. At launch, Optimus Ride’s service operates across two stops within the development including shops, restaurants, and resident buildings and five stops at external locations at Capitol Hill and Barrack’s Row, with more site additions planned in the future. The service is available from Monday through Friday, 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., and the electric vehicles can be booked up to seven days in advance, or with a minimum 15-minute pickup time. The Optimus Ride fleet previously provided food delivery at The Yards; the service was used for more than 6,000 deliveries of prepared foods and groceries to communities in need during the pandemic and to local patrons of The Yards restaurants.

“Optimus Ride has concentrated on delivering a turnkey autonomous, electric mobility service that provides safe and convenient mobility to campuses, corporations, and other mixed-use developments likeBrookfield’s The Yards. With five successful deployments underway, we’ve broadened our focus to enhance the passenger experience and include new benefits for both our customers and their communities with the Opti Ride app,” said Optimus Ride CEO Sean Harrington. “We’re excited to work with Brookfield Properties to introduce the app at The Yards to enable flexible and convenient ride reservation and scheduling to their residents and tenants,” he continued. “We’re confident that this added passenger experience will propel Optimus Ride further along on its mission to transform mobility.”
Optimus Ride App
“Brookfield Properties has experienced the value of the Optimus Ride autonomous, electric mobility service already at the Halley Rise development in Reston, VA. We’re excited to offer this service to our residents and tenants, and we jumped at the opportunity to add the Opti Ride app experience,” commented Toby Millman, Senior Vice President, Development at Brookfield Properties. “Adding ride scheduling and reservation enhances the convenience with on-demand service to safely navigate the array of shopping and dining experiences and connect The Yards to neighborhoods like Capitol Hill and Barracks Row.”

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