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January 29, 2018
Boston, MA

Optimus Ride Wins NextGEN Award

State House Innovation Day 2018 celebrates "Megatrends and the Future of Tech in Massachusetts", recognizing tech firms and organizations that are leading and innovating in their field.

The Massachusetts TechHUB Caucus hosted its 3rd marquee Innovation Day today, an event which brought 200-plus attendees to the State House to discuss "Megatrends and the Future of Tech in Massachusetts." The Caucus also recognized the contributions of leading tech innovators with an inaugural round of NextGEN Awards, recognizing tech firms and organizations that are leading and innovating in their field and contributing to the Massachusetts tech economy for the next generation.

The event featured both home-grown tech companies and global corporations with a significant presence and investment in Massachusetts. These companies are developing technologies and driving innovation in areas including networking and communications, data analytics, robotics, autonomous vehicles, smart communities, wearable technology, and digital health.

Optimus Ride is honoured to have been selected for the NextGEN Award. As a MIT spinoff company, we are extremely proud of our roots in the Boston technology ecosystem. The company’s ongoing collaborations with the City of Boston, MassDOT, and local communities such as the Perkins School for the Blind and South Weymouth’s Union Point development highlight our commitment to bringing self-driving vehicles to all members of society.

“Bringing the tech community to the State House is a critical step in forming relationships, educating our lawmakers, and shining a spotlight on how these innovators and innovations are not just fueling much of the Commonwealth’s economic growth, they are making huge impacts on businesses and consumers here in the region, in the nation, and around the world,” says Tom Hopcroft, CEO of MassTLC.
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