A new kind of ride for campuses and communities

Designed to meet critical mobility needs of today while advancing AV technology

Introduce a shared, sustainable, convenient community transit option

Connect people and communities with flexible, short, frequent rides

Reduce traffic and parking volume, cost, and emissions

Advance AV technology and adoption quickly and safely

Our end-to-end mobility solution

Designed and delivered to meet the unique needs of each campus, community, and city. Our solution includes a fleet of electric, shared shuttles integrated with our AV tech stack and promoted via our rider engagement program to deliver convenient, fun, sustainable rides.


The optimal fleet

A tailored mix of manual and autonomous shuttles – all electric, all shared, all ideally sized – that enable community mobility services and AV technology to grow together. We work with community teams to find the optimal fleet to meet their mobility needs today and drive adoption and innovation of AV technology.


Fully-integrated AV tech stack

Our custom-built, fully-integrated AV software and hardware masters everything from localization to motion control to safely and efficiently deliver autonomous shuttle rides for campuses, communities, and cities, today.


Holistic rider experience

We prioritize the rider experience. Every deployment includes tailored education and awareness campaigns, our consumer-grade rider app, friendly in-vehicle and remote safety operators, and ongoing engagement and support. We deliver convenient, fun, sustainable community rides, when and where they’re needed. We actively incorporate rider feedback into the technology, experience, support, and operations.

Operations and fleet management

Full-service operations and support

Our team of experts do it all–program planning and operations, fleet upgrades and management, and ongoing support. We use a suite of real-time fleet management, dispatch, monitoring, and reporting tools to run each program on behalf of transportation teams. We are your sole partner – streamlining processes, maximizing resources, and collectively tackling community goals.

Delivering impactful rides and community benefits

For each community, campus, and city – including academic and corporate campuses, residential and mixed-use communities, urban environments, airports, theme parks, hospitals, and more – we offer flexible, fixed and on-demand routes and connection points to meet mobility needs.

Use Cases

Make first/last mile public transit connections

Shuttle to sports, parks, and event centers

Transport between remote parking lots

Provide intra-community rides and connection

Offer evening safe rides

Connect to remote live, work, or play locations


  • Optimize vehicle trips, occupancy, and volume
  • Reduce parking requirements and development costs
  • Reduce fuel and labor costs
  • Deliver a fun, convenient, and safe rider experience
  • Maximize sustainability – reduce GHG emissions
  • Enhance community brand identity and goals

Forward-thinking communities, experiencing a new kind of ride

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Seaport District
Boston, MA
Paradise Valley Estates
Paradise Valley, CA
Brookfield Halley Rise
Reston, VA
The Yards
Washington, D.C.
Brooklyn Navy Yard
Brooklyn, NY

Our approach to community mobility

One holistic solution

One partner, one cohesive experience, delivered as one end-to-end solution. We ensure streamlined processes, make the most of precious resources, actively incorporate rider and transportation team feedback, and deliver the greatest operational, environmental, and community member value.

Maximize sustainability

We design to maximize sustainability, with our all-electric, all-shared, low-speed fleet of shuttles operating in high-impact environments, such as communities congested with high personal-vehicle traffic and campuses with diesel alternatives.

Build for the rider

Community riders have a lot of options, none of them optimal. When creating a new kind of ride – community-friendly autonomous shuttles – we optimize for the rider’s needs and experience. Our rides are convenient, affordable, available when and where needed, good for the community and the environment, and fun to boot.

Deliver real rides with real impact

Our rides go beyond miles of road testing and simulation. Our flexible fleet of manual and autonomous shuttles deliver critical first/last mile connections and intra-community rides that meet the needs of transportation teams and community members. Our approach introduces AV technology to riders, without sacrificing routes or missing connections.