Smart autonomous shuttle technology

Autonomous shuttles, technology, and apps designed, built, and delivered for communities

Custom-designed autonomous vehicle platform

Custom-designed, low-speed autonomous shuttle, built on a proven platform in partnership with Polaris. Sensors, compute, and custom mechatronics components integrated into the Polaris GEM e6 platform for community-friendly mobility.

Environment and community friendly

Electric, shared autonomous shuttles reduce carbon and noise pollution

6 passengers, 6 doors

Individually accessed, front-facing seats ensure passenger privacy and comfort

Safe and road-ready

Street legal, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards compliant low-speed vehicles, with seatbelt per passenger

Rider-first experience

Modern rider app and in-shuttle interfaces fully integrate with the tech for a seamless experience inside and out

Proprietary, Level 4 AV Technology

Fully-integrated AV software and hardware designed for the most efficient, safe, and rapid path to fully autonomous mobility in low-speed, geofenced environments. Built on a foundation meant to scale and extensible for future environments, vehicle platforms, and technology advancements.

Perception Technology

360 Degree Sensing

A suite of high definition cameras, Lidars, and other sensors provide full 360 degree coverage around the vehicle, eliminating blind spots and enabling safe fully autonomous operation.

robust machine learning

Our diverse nationwide deployments provide rich streams of data that we use to continuously improve our autonomy systems via proprietary data ingestion, curation, and machine learning pipelines.

In turn, these underpin our category-leading multimodal sensor fusion, detection, classification, tracking, and prediction systems.

Mapping & Localization

Continuously updated multilayer HD maps help our vehicles understand where they are and interpret the world around them.

Prediction & Planning

Factorized prediction

As nearby road users are identified, the autonomy system predicts their intent (what), maneuvers (how), and trajectory (where and when).

Safe Planning

Hierarchical bounded-time optimal planning algorithms minimize reaction time and safely plan smooth spatiotemporal trajectories through complex traffic scenarios.

A safety-first approach provides multiple levels of fault tolerance and redundancy at all levels of the decision making process.

Safety & Comfort

Safety-centered design

We hold our hardware and software components to rigorous automotive safety standards to ensure passenger and road user safety.

Redundant braking, redundant steering, and other safety features such as fault containment regions provide aerospace-levels of fault tolerance and safety.


Parameterized simulation tests routinely run through millions of traffic scenario variations, acting as a force multiplier for our engineering teams and enabling them to rapidly achieve wide-scale testing coverage of our autonomous systems.

Remote interface

Our in-vehicle and remote safety operators are equipped with fleet monitoring and assistance tools, resulting in smooth, safe, and supported rides.

Our approach to building smart tech for a new kind of ride

Design for safety

We are grounded in a safety culture. In addition to following industry standard AV tech design processes and complying with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, we build redundancy and fault tolerance into the system, actively test (and test and test) our system, leverage highly trained Vehicle Safety Operators, and work with regulatory bodies to ensure we meet – and help inform – best-practices.

Build for the rider

New tech for a new kind of ride AND rider. Cutting-edge technology designed to meet consumer expectations of today and define expectations of tomorrow. Our human-centered design focuses on trust, safety, comfort, convenience, and fun. Growing together, we actively incorporate rider feedback into the technology and experience.

Deliver real rides

Our vehicles and systems go beyond miles of road testing and simulation, we deliver real autonomous rides for real riders on real (unpredictable) roads. We have delivered thousands and thousands of autonomous rides, connecting riders in and around their communities, from transit stops, remote parking lots, and local hot spots.

Scale intelligently

From manual to autonomous shuttles, in-vehicle to remote safety operators, and intra-community routes to community connectors, our solution and technology bridge the gap to fully autonomous rides without compromising mobility services.

Fully-integrated apps and platforms

Our rider app – Opti Ride – and fleet and operations management tools fully-integrate with our AV tech and vehicles to meet modern consumer expectations.

Our Solution